Mihai Nadin  
Are You Stupid ?  
A Second Revolution Might Save America From Herself  

392 pp., paperback
€ 19,95 [D]
ISBN 978-3-939381-56-3

  • A Portrait in Contrast
  • The Democracy America Never Was
    • What a Country!
    • Nation or Economy?
    • We the People…But Where Are the Citizens?
  • Only In America
    • Politics in Red and Blue
    • The Right to Media-ocracy
    • No Business Like Law Business
    • Will Harvard Go Bankrupt?
  • A Crisis Like None Before
    • Nobody Is Born Stupid
    • Production and Reproduction (of Stupidity)
    • Learning to Live with Huge Numbers
    • The Empire Strikes Back: “We Create Our Own Reality”
    • Why China Won’t Buy America
  • A Tale of Two Superpowers
  • A Second American Revolution.
    The Need For a Constitutional Convention
    • Nobody Can Un-Ring the Bells
    • By the People, For the People
    • “An America Worth Having”
  • Acknowledgements
  • Bibliography
  • About the Author