Mihai Nadin  
Are You Stupid ?  
A Second Revolution Might Save America From Herself  

392 pp., paperback
€ 19,95 [D]
ISBN 978-3-939381-56-3


Mihai Nadin has authored over 35 books, both non-fiction and fiction, some translated into Spanish, German, French, Romanian, Korean, and Arabic. His book, The Civilization of Illiteracy (praised by E.D. Hirsch and Umberto Eco among others) is focused on what makes the change from a civilization dominated by literacy to a new civilization, of many literacies involved in unprecedented forms of human activity. Nadin experienced several political and cultural environments: communism in his native Romania; Germany’s social capitalism; and America’s multi-cultural, capitalist democracy. He was shaped in science as well as in the humanities and contributed well respected original ideas. This gives the author a unique perspective from which he articulated a provocative world view. Nadin is currently an endowed professor at the University of Texas at Dallas, where he directs the Institute for Research in Anticipatory Systems.